Used Pro Audio Recording Gear Sale

Home Items For Sale AKG 141M Headphones Altec 604D Duplex 15" speakers Altec 605A Duplex 15" speaker Ampex tape reel hold-downs AP Audio APB-48S patchbays Custom XLR Mic Bays dbx 166 Compressor/Limiter/Gate dbx Drive Rack Studio Exabyte VXA-1 Ibanez HD-1500 Harmonics/Delay/Fx Korg DRV-2000 digital reverb Korg SDD-2000 sampling digital delay Line 6 Amp Farm Plugin Music Stands MXL 990 condenser mic Nesco FD-50 tape oven Neumann NK48 Phantom Pwr. Supply Opcode Studio 3 Midi Interface Penny & Giles faders Percussion Kit Pivotelli speaker brackets Pop Filters ProtTools Digi 001 ROR E3 speakers Shure 55SW mic Tascam DA30-MKII Dat

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Professional audio recording equipment owned, used, and for sale by recording engineer, Don Casale.

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